The Toys in the Nursery Are Dangerous. by Rabbi Steven J. L

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The Toys in the Nursery Are Dangerous. by Rabbi Steven J. L

Tremendous first fiction piece. Congrats!
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Re: The Toys in the Nursery Are Dangerous. by Rabbi Steven

This story made me think of Fredric Brown's story The Geezenstacks, if only because of the sinister nature of the toys, and the father's growing concern about them.

I enjoyed the story. I think the author did a good job of building his main character, Irving Vesper, through dialogue, his job situation, his family, and giving us a sense of the world he lives in where used rocket lots have replaced car lots, and a spaceport is named in honor of Jackie Gleason (I'm guessing it advertises with a neon sign of Ralph Kramden in his bus driver uniform and the flashing words "Straight to the Moon!")

I wondered throughout the story though why Irving doesn't just throw the toys away. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see a reason in the story why he couldn't just get rid of them if he thought they were dangerous. I'm thinking it would be easy enough to add a reason, anything from explaining that these are the latest and greatest toys and every kid must have them, to an irrational fear or feeling on Irving's part that the toys might hurt his son if Irving tried to throw them away.

I also didn't think the uric acid images were really that necessary. I thought the written description was adequate.

This is a good freshman effort. I hope we get to read more stories from Rabbi Lebow in future issues of Aphelion. :)


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