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Re: I Drink the World Poison by McCamy Taylor

Love the "hir" and "s/he" usage. Is this usage becoming a replacement for he/she? I mean in the grammar sense and not the Male/Female sense. Heh, heh just had to get that one in. Really I don’t have any idea on or what the “hir” or “S/he” is. I think the "S/he" is shorten for “She/he” in the subjective case and the “hir” is “His/Her” in the possessive case in this story. Please inform me on this usage.

Nice intro: Docking the reader’s interest to the story by using “Fascist Butcher.” The next paragraph teaches us how to measure one’s worth.

That is what I always liked about McCamy’ stories. And her style reminds me of the writings of Ann Rice, the vampire novelist. Rice often describes architecture with the travels of her vampires from century to century. And occasionally bits of philosophy.

For me, elements of this story are not too far out. In Viet-Nam today, many mangled and deformed children are the results of America’s involvement in that country. Agent Orange was dumped over everyone, and this story touched a nerve with me concerning the use of that chemical. I served in Viet-Nam and have Agent Orange.

Good dialogue and McCamy balanced the show and tell techniques very well! Nice. And the surreal images that the characters’s projected, could be felt by McCamy’s use of subtle sensory inputs like this one: “Roman asks Adeline for the fish sauce.” This is near the beginning of the story, and the smell and even the taste of fish sauce come to mind. Good one. And if we search, we find other examples of the correct amounts of sensory input needed. Another good example of balance!

The characters in the story are the products of a true sci-fi mind, one that can give us something different, but behaving like a human with human trials and errors. Good job.
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