Soul of Thor By Robin B. Lipinski

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Soul of Thor By Robin B. Lipinski

This is a poetic movie with super powered descriptions interwoven with a majestic storyline, embeded in Truth.

You are the best poet I've ever read and I've probably read 500 of your poems!

Do you see your poetry subjects visually and then search for words to bring them to life or do you start writing and let the words take you wherever they go?

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Re: Soul of Thor By Robin B. Lipinski

Thanks for the kind words Mark. In answer to your question, I live the moment: hear, feel, smell, taste: run away from the following results: I then write about it. I live a very interesting life.
Life of Robin

She does not exist
He does not exist
The movie Matrix comes to mind but Matrix does not exist
What does exist?

What does not exist as existence
existence is an abstract word for life
and life?

Life is a complex moment
for some, full of meaning
for others, full of (censored)
for all, it does and does not exist...


Prove to me this concept of life
a dream?
An illusion?
A gift?


Life: None, no bodies are alive, only going through a mix of electro/chemical motions
with emotions
love, laughter, lies, living a moment of a unit called, 'time'.

Atoms care less if boiling in a star
cooling in a glacier
or finding residence in a body called life...

Robin is not alive,
nor are you the reader
though we all try.

To be alive is not just to procreate and add to the list
or write poems; solve the mysteries of science; to be born or to die (the same)

To be alive is to be but a shell, a temple, a vessel, a glass, a bucket, a repository...
The Soul,
ah yes, there, you see?
The Soul,
the Soul, now that is alive.

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Re: Soul of Thor By Robin B. Lipinski

I see Shakespeare here, pondering life's enigmas through characters; poetically speaking. Not only creating receptacles of understanding, but also in beauty; magnifying the truth.

You do have an interesting life, but only because you make it so!

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Re: Soul of Thor By Robin B. Lipinski

I like you poem. I haven't read much poetry since high school-----fifty-years ago--I should read more.
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