Buddy By Daniel Clausen

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Post December 16, 2013, 06:57:47 PM

Buddy By Daniel Clausen

I liked this one. I had to read it twice to make sure I didn't miss an important line.

In a way it had a similar plot line as Michele's Bus Ride story.

Interesting and kept me guessing.



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Re: Buddy By Daniel Clausen

A lot of creepiness in a short space. Good stuff.
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Post December 24, 2013, 10:09:45 PM

Re: Buddy By Daniel Clausen

Who hangs around in zombie bars? Buddy, for one . . .

Seems like the bartender was offering him a chance to leave the realm of the undead. Somebody give that man a couple of sainthood points.

An understated sort of symbolism at work here; very smooth.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Buddy By Daniel Clausen

Lester Curtis wrote:Who hangs around in zombie (worlds)? (I), for one . . .
An understated sort of symbolism at work here; very smooth.

And more than one kind. That's the power of symbols; they keep on giving.

This has been a lost and lonely year for me. My simple life I understood it eighteen months ago crumbled. Now as I type this I may just finally be on the verge of new streets.

But to take those streets, you have to stop going to the zombie worlds; the worlds of the previously-alive, now only in your mind, when you previously *felt * alive. Clocks on the wall, calendars, smart-yet-dumb phones, and all the rest tell you that for the rest of the world, life is moving on. But you're still in a world that is dead, yet refuses to stay dead. Phantasms of the past, smiles on borrowed tabs that must eventually be repaid out of current energy, all of it.

There is a way out; if Jung is right there are many-and-one. More on that later. Now it is time... to write.

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