Post December 03, 2013, 10:27:18 PM

A Life More Ordinary by Amy Latta

Very nicely done!

We don't get a whole lot of romance-heavy stories here, and that aspect of it was refreshing.

I had to put myself in a certain frame of mind for this; usually, a little suspension of disbelief is enough, and of course, this story required an extra measure. But once I had that in place, it was all quite a nice, fun ride.

Nearly all of the tension in this story is centered around the romantic concerns of the various characters; the super-hero stuff is just a kind of campy setting.

Points to the author for not trying to explain any of that super-stuff; she just throws it out there and uses it.

Nothing deep or serious here, and everyone settles down happily in the end. Just a fun romp.
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