Post November 17, 2013, 09:52:56 AM

Echoes Of The Atlantis Flight by Denny E Marshall

If by chance you're speaking to the last shuttle flight, that placeholder of a program, that by that end-time that should have been spent going to the moon, using nuclear power to build heavy space vehicles, shielded enough to make Mars,in short time I might add, without danger to the crew, it is no lament to me, just a waste of time and money and lives.

Instead we spent our excess money on wars and shit like that.

We now have China, Russia, India, Japan that can launch and orbit. Why the competition? Each one has to reinvent the wheel. For heavy lift, the plans for Saturn V's still exist. new technology abounds, lets mine the moon, use it a a jump off location and terraform Mars.

If on the other hand your poem had a different meaning relating to the myth, I missed it.