Mono-Gamy by Clinton Van Inman

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Post November 01, 2013, 11:59:54 AM

Mono-Gamy by Clinton Van Inman

After witnessing a recent wedding debacle, I'm inclined unfortunately to see the merit of this poem - written by a man who is happily married to Elba btw. How I envy the author's angst as he sits home every night by hearth and longtime companion, writing small poems about the frivolity of married life. Those of us out here in the field, however, without such tender reassurance of one's worth, are faring far worse than expected. Pricked by love's foul arrow without means or ambition to settle the score.
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.

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Re: Mono-Gamy by Clinton Van Inman

bottomdweller wrote:...Pricked by love's foul arrow without means or ambition to settle the score.

This is goooood! Top notch! You should be writing poetry too, Michele!

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Re: Mono-Gamy by Clinton Van Inman

I see it as an analysis of life in the burbs, and after looking about chose to stick it out, alone or at least not married, doesn't mean he has no lover, just not the sociology-acceptable ones that come with Homeowners Hell and the must have sterile green lawns.
It also appears t me that his then chosen mate was of that kind, and he came about 180 leaving port to face the storm alone in quick time i would guess.


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