Frankenstein II by Clinton Van Inman

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Frankenstein II by Clinton Van Inman

One obvious interpretation of this poem is that we are all this Frankenstein...disappointed by life's shortcommings, by what fate has handed to us. It's possible to cover up the effects of how we've been cheated, with credit cards to keep us happy but, inevitably, a part of our being will still seek out nature, trying to connect with what brought us here on a larger scale.
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Re: Frankenstein II by Clinton Van Inman

This is a good time for this one to be published, just before Halloween. :)
I'll agree with your interpretation Michele. It seems pretty sound. I wonder who the Dr. Frankenstein (narrator of the poem) is supposed to be though.

I just watched the original 1931 Universal movie Frankenstein today. I've been on a monster movie marathon with the lead up to Halloween and my purchase of the Universal Classic Monsters collection on blu-ray. In the scene with the flowers in the original movie, when Frankenstein ran out of flowers, which a little girl was handing him to throw in the water, he picked up the little girl and threw her into the water instead. She drowns as a result. I'm not sure if that impacts Michele's interpretation or not.

Another note is that the hunchbacked assistant to Dr. Frankenstein in the original movie is actually named Fritz. Igor comes in later in the sequels, and then it's actually spelled Ygor. The character of Igor seems to be an amalgam from different sources and may owe it's popularity as much to the song Monster Mash as the original Frankenstein movie.

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