Asteroid by E.S. Strout

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Asteroid by E.S. Strout

Asteroid by E.S. Strout

I love good old fashioned space stories. I love the way they are like westerns, or romances, or mysteries - the characters and situations are the things that make you suspend disbelief and live through the adventure.

This was a fun adventure, with a twist ending that I didn't see coming. The characters were engaging, and the situation was unusual. I really liked the Tony character, the one with the most depth and best lines.

My only quibble (I have read and loved Mr. Strout's stories for years! Hey we were both in Jackhammer a million years ago!) is that tense changes after the opening paragraphs and I like tense to remain the same throughout the story. It's an easy fix, though, and did not bump me out of the action.

And I always think if there's a female character in a space opera, she's got to be the strong one, not the palliative peace-maker. But that's just personal preference, and if I want *that* story, I'll write it myself!

So good to see you again, Mr. Strout. Thanks for the ride in space!

Kate Thornton

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Re: Asteroid by E.S. Strout

Thanks for the kind words, Kate. How well I remember Jackhammer of Eggplant Productions. Ancient history. My second short story was published there in 1996 or '97 as I recall. Yikes, where do the years go?"



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Re: Asteroid by E.S. Strout

Wow! Dr. Strout,

Your stories never cease to amaze!... And this is another in a long string of great tales from you. They always remind me of the classic sci-fi I read when I was younger, but they also mix in a more current vibe that makes them fresh and interesting. Good stuff!

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