Maggie's Farm by Charles Ebert

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Maggie's Farm by Charles Ebert

Maggie's Farm by Charles Ebert

No comedy here - this story is a real heart-wrencher.

If you are near my age - either naturally, having been born at exactly the right time - or much older through other means like vampirism or being frozen in the tundra for millenia, then revived, or whatever else might work, you will feel this story resonate on a visceral level.

Mr. Ebert's set-up of character, place, and timing is perfect for the horror story that follows. Yes, I think horror story is the right term, as it flirts with a time in history that was a kaleidoscope of social experimentation and change, but examines in detail a specific incident that left cold ripples in its wake and ultimately forced the best of friends to take a repugnant action against one of their own. I think we all ask ourselves if we would be strong enough, brave enough to do something really horrific if we felt it was necessary.

Mr. Ebert answers it for us. Yes. We would.

Kate Thornton
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Re: Maggie's Farm by Charles Ebert


I won't be reading this one a second time, and right now I'm not sure I'm glad I've read it at all, but -- it does what it's supposed to do.

If you want to be scared for a while and miserable for a while longer, go ahead and read it. Just be sure to follow it up with something more cheerful. This one works.
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