Selling Ghosts by Alex Puncekar

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Post August 29, 2013, 09:22:54 PM

Selling Ghosts by Alex Puncekar

This is a nice little soft-horror tale.

Part of the horror is that it means the ghosts are being forced to become con-artists. It's possible to see this tale as an allegory to being used in underground slave rings.

What's not entirely clear is why the Spirit Merchant can't capture any live person he meets the first time. Why is the elaborate mechanism of enticing someone to buy a ghost first needed? An easy guess is that it's an unstated rule of the Death World. There were some Greek Myths related to this, wherein the Spirit Merchant's powers were not active until someone voluntarily gave "consideration for the contract". That could have made a great prequel!

Minor grammar quibble:
"My people need freed." It looks like it was a toss-up during final editing if that should "need freedom" or "need to be freed", and became a mistaken mix of both.
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Post August 31, 2013, 12:22:33 AM

Re: Selling Ghosts by Alex Puncekar

Not too badly done, and I found it a very fresh take on ghost-themed material.

It was kind of fun at first, with the two of them talking, and how lightly she took it all. I was surprised by the ending, though, which was upsetting; I was hoping she'd prevail. Too bad when you can't even trust the dead not to sucker you.
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Re: Selling Ghosts by Alex Puncekar

Wonderful idea, and yes (agreeing with Lester) a very fresh take on the subject matter.

Good stuff! And in a way, it felt like part of a larger tale... the background was believable and richly developed. A nice addition.

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