Your Sleep is My Sleep By Dimitrije Medenica

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Your Sleep is My Sleep By Dimitrije Medenica

A classic Faustian tale, though this time the "Devil" seems pleasant enough. The "terms" were right on the business card. However, knowing the nature of those who enter into bargains, Dr. F. might have assumed that the details would be overlooked. Meanwhile, it's not clear what "double benefit" that Dr. F. gets back when the client stops paying, which would have been the other half of a pure Faustian tale.

So instead, I read it more like a tale of modern internet services, that we grow to become dependent on.

However, were it not that we "expect" a "crash-disaster" ending from the "neo-Faustian" set-up, theoretically a really smart client could modulate the service. The tricky part is it's not clear if *all* of the benefits fade, such as the re-growing hair.
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Re: Your Sleep is My Sleep By Dimitrije Medenica

This seems a little inconsistent in the expectations it sets up. I expected only for Phil to have more time to do things, but then he got younger, which, to me, was not an understood part of the bargain.

But then he shows us that there's no fool like an old fool, especially one who begins feeling his oats again.

I was ready for the story to take a different direction than it did, but that would have violated the logic of the plot.

I liked that Dr. Fudenberg's office was in a half-space, and even had a half-number.

The characterization wasn't bad, but I didn't feel very close to the guy. Also, I thought there was a bit too much detail used describing Phil's apartment, which wasn't important to the story.

This paragraph confused me:
The student fidgeted and wiped his forehead. He looked tired and had probably not slept the previous night. "Phil, I don't believe it's so bad. It just needs some tightening in the periphery. Peter, perhaps you could make the rooms on the sides a bit smaller?" She smiled, nudging Phil's shoulder.

The attribution needs changed; I thought at first that it was the student who spoke.
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Re: Your Sleep is My Sleep By Dimitrije Medenica

This one really captured my attention. It has a surreal feeling about it that works nicely with the theme/plot. Very interesting, and very well done, overall.

One small complaint... There were a couple of confusing spots in this one, places where it was a little difficult to determine what was going on; other than that, nice job and good stuff!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

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