Court Dresser by Roderick D. Turner

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Court Dresser by Roderick D. Turner

I think this guy's a spy, sent to bring down the Royal Court. He seems to have a head-start on the job already, getting the prominent women jealous of each other.

Very nice story; very smoothly done.
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Re: Court Dresser by Roderick D. Turner

This story had a nice balance to it. It could have very easily slipped into something over-written and "fussy" -- for lack of a better term -- but the author exercised appropriate restraint and maintained a good balance between the details of "court life" and the elements of the plot. Had he lost that balance, I think the character would have fallen flat.

I say all that to say...

Very nicely done! A highly enjoyable read. My hat's off to ya, Mr. Turner.

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