Little Green Things By William R. Warren, Jr.

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Little Green Things By William R. Warren, Jr.

I thought this was a really nice expansion of Penny Jones' character. The way she interacts with and thinks about her plants was interesting. But the background revealed in the flashback of her father being military and specifically a marine, not to mention the type of tricky relationship she had with him... well, I started to wonder what that portends for her relationship with Doc who is also a marine. It does seem to set up the whole "unresolved daddy issues" potential for her character.



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Re: Little Green Things By William R. Warren, Jr.

I'm not sure if you call this a "re-launch" or "re-boot" or the official launch or what exactly, but it is a nice little bit of story-writing and it serves the overall project very well!

And yes, I realize Bill kicked things off with the original concept and artwork, etc., but in my humble opinion, he's also gone out and written one of the most compelling story lines in the whole darn thing.

Nice job, Bill! Good stuff!

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