The Aphelion Project

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The Aphelion Project

Surprise! I told you all years ago I'd see these stories find their way into a full-fledged series someday.

My apologies to all the authors of the stories in this for not notifying them in advance. After all the years of not having everything I needed to get them out, I didn't want to disappoint again.


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Re: The Aphelion Project


After reading this again and giving some thought to some new story ideas for the series :), I find myself again wondering a little about some of the details of the Aphelion ships. Some of the ideas about the ships seem to be a little contradictory to me. In at least one case it was said the ship's "interior seemed barely larger than a big bus" and yet there is the suggestion in some stories that the crew members have cabins: "Mac closed the door of his quarters." And Curtis told Macridin to "get Ophelia in your office for a little group chat."

Could we nail this down a little? Is there any possibility that we could get some diagrams showing ship scale? Maybe you could give us some cross-sections of some of the modules. The HAB module in particular is difficult for me to get straight in my mind. Is it sectioned to provide different rooms? Is it one big open cylinder with the crew working around on the inner surface? If the diameter is larger I could see this working, but not if it's much smaller. "The round dinner table sat in the very center of the bottom of the inflatable Hab..." With no gravity to orient, where's the bottom in this case?

Looking back at the series guide I didn't see any reference to scale anywhere, other than this or that section was similar to some real life piece of NASA hardware like from the Apollo missions, and the following from Bill Warren: "I see the booster stage being anywhere from 20-30' in diameter, I'll leave it up to you ... but once it's established, everyone needs to stick to it and we have to try to make the physics and consumable volume work." I guess what I'm asking is can we establish these details? I, for one, would find it a lot easier to think about adding to the series if the physical details of the ships were a little more concrete. Maybe some discussion here in the forum would be good. That way our resident physicists (do we have any here anymore? :? ) could check the math.


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