The Fires by Dominic Lennard Poem

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The Fires by Dominic Lennard Poem

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Re: The Fires by Dominic Lennard Poem

I thought this was an interesting poem. I would probably classify it as horror. The setting seems to be of some unspecified war. It could be a fantasy setting, since one group is tribal and the narrator in the poem speaks of forged steel ringing against skulls which to me suggests swords, but it could be historical as well I suppose. The element I find interesting and the one that I think makes this into a horror poem is the underlying fear that the narrator has for the "wrong-coloured fires." Even though the narrator says his/her side has the power to violently overcome their enemy, when they see the fires they don't. For some reason this reminds me of Robert E. Howard's writing.

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Re: The Fires by Dominic Lennard Poem

Thanks for the comment John. I was surprised by your mention of Howard; I'm actually a big fan, although never really thought of him as an influence as such. I couldn't say what the link is - but I was tickled by the comparison.
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Re: The Fires by Dominic Lennard Poem

As in any war unrestrained bi rules of engagement, as in any rag=tag army not politicized, en-cultured as to the rule s of war, UNLESS, oh the great unless, the enemy is demonized, beasts to be fire bombed or vaporized, the less than human.

Well then it's quite okay now isn't it? Spear toss anyone?


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