Madrid Falls Again poem by Richard Tornello

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Madrid Falls Again poem by Richard Tornello

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Re: Madrid Falls Again poem by Richard Tornello

First I'll say, that Richard has turned into a class A poet. He taps into his emotion, usually anger or indignation of injustice, wrong doing, hypocrisy - the things in life that make you angry and articulates his angst in poetic imagary and language.

What I get in this poem is that societies rise and fall, rise and fall and for the same damn reasons, no one learns, no one cares to learn and history repeats itself unmercifully.

A lot of the great poets use anger and dissatisfaction as a base emotion to inspire writing.

I liked the lines:

"Islands will drown countries come down
New order not on old toes stand."

We have some very strong poets on this site.

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