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Indigo Puree

Indego Puree by Connley (Lee) Landers

An interesting take on the No Sex Allowed future dystopia. I liked the character development and the description of the environment quickly evoked a staid, gray and bland world. I thought the idea that books were turned into nutrient to feed a starving population was very clever.

It was interesting to see that although the Bon initially seemed shocked, horrified by Sonja's wishes, the realisation that they were both rebels in there own way seemed to bring him around to her point of view.

However, I thought the ending was quite rushed. I expected more, wanted more and therefore, although it concluded logically enough, I was disappointed.
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Re: Indigo Puree

Could be the author knew the broad outlines of where he wanted things to go -- i.e., their act of rebellion leads to a world with at least some of the color (literal and figurative) restored -- but didn't want to drag it out. (Could have been worse. Could have ended with "And they lived happily ever after" or "but it was all a dream".)
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Re: Indigo Puree

Seems to me the people of that future world might have thought of birth control . . . the society was obviously pretty clamped-down as it was, and the Chinese managed it just fine -- too good, as a matter of fact; the One-child-per-family rule is purportedly hurting China's economy (or something), and it hasn't even been in effect very long.

I guess the story proves that people -- some of them, at least -- just won't be happy living in the kind of conditions depicted.
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