The Lawnmower That Knew by Rick Grehan

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The Lawnmower That Knew by Rick Grehan

To quote from the film "Idiocracy":

"Your floor is now clean. Your floor is now clean."

Another great story. August in a good month.


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Re: The Lawnmower That Knew by Rick Grehan

I need to give credit where it's due. The inspiration for this story came from a book I discovered in the Project Gutenberg collection. The book is "Mr. Hawkins' Humorous Adventures" by Edgar Franklin. It was published in 1905. The Project Gutenberg etext for it is here: ... p?num=8141

Its a collection of short stories about a fellow who builds a summer home in New York, and in so doing acquires Mr. Hawkins as a neighbor. Hawkins is an inventor whose inventions never seem to work as planned, and the book's narrator is repeatedly entangled in Hawkins' failed experiments. Highly recommended, and an interesting view into what would have been considered "cutting-edge technology" at that time.
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Re: The Lawnmower That Knew by Rick Grehan

Lots of fun. Rick has a way of writing that's just fun to read; I just loved the first two paragraphs. The rest of it was equally entertaining.

Maybe Uncle Mike could be enticed into letting the DoD beta-test his inventions in hostile countries . . .
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