Post May 17, 2007, 07:01:29 AM

Re: The Door by Saki Channing

FYI, the original title of this piece was "The Trapdoor". (Hence the use of a rod rather than a key to open it.) I changed it to the less evocative "The Door" because trapdoors are specifically defined as being in a floor or ceiling.

I think the author was forced to put the, er, opening, in the wall rather than the ceiling because apartments in Japan tend to be tiny and would not HAVE an attic above or crawlspace or cellar below. Now, if the apartment had been in a house that had been divvied up into apartments ... but it would have to be a Western (European / North American, not Dodge City, that is) style house anyway.

Of course, even an upper-floor apartment in an old house would not be likely to have a trapdoor or door leading into Ultimate Night (with things that go bump in the) either.

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