On the Corner of Galaxy and 5th

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On the Corner of Galaxy and 5th

Ironic, isn't it.  Rob and I wrote "On the Corner of Galaxy and 5th" almost ten years ago, received very few comments, took the book off the website so that we could work on revising and polishing and try to find a publisher, failed to find time to revise and polish and thus never found a publisher, and decided that we wanted people to see it in some form and republish it on the website where it all started.

And now <sniff> no comments.  Not even a <whimper> note that someone is reading it and will wait until its conclusion to comment.  Not that I'm <lower> worrying or anything like that.  I mean, it's not like we're any different from any other writers who do <wipes> or do not receive comments in the lettercol.  So <blows> I'm just happy that this is here and that <sad> readers can choose to read it if they want and can choose <sniffling> to comment or not.  But <sad> if you do get the opportunity....<wahhhhhhhh>

Jeff "The Man Who Will Never Shamelessly Beg for Comments" Williams :'(
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Re: On the Corner of Galaxy and 5th

I'm enjoying it even more this time than I did the first time it ran.

I haven't re-read the old version recently enough to see where all the changes have been made, but the dialog seems to flow better than I remember. Maybe it's just me, though. My viewpoint is a bit more mature than when this story first ran.

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Re: On the Corner of Galaxy and 5th

I haven't read these before. My only take on them so far is that these two parts don't "feel" the same, for lack of a better word. Less of a sense of wonderment or fun in the wording this time. Maybe it's a pacing issue.

That's rather nebulous, I'm afraid, but I'm failing to say it any better. It's still interesting, and I am looking forward to the rest.

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