Tales From The Mare Inebrium

Story Pulled For Publication

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Came The Dawn

A menace as old as time rears its ugly head on Bethdish. City of Lights is threatened and millions of people are in grave danger. Assassins, terrorists, and pirates, oh my! So naturally, the Reever knew the only people who could save the world -would be found having drinks at the Mare Inebrium.
The 50th Mare Inebrium story!

The Shebeja awake from Sleepfreeze. The Black Snake attacks them using terrorists, pirates, and stolen tugs from the system's asteroid belt. {Max says that the date is "about a month and a half from being 6828"}

I have pulled this story offline at the request of publisher Dark Oak Press because it has now been released in an anthology of my Mare Inebrium Stories. Available in Hardback, Paperback, Kindle e-book, and Nook e-book formats.