Writers Challenge

A challenge to Writers

By Aphelion Webzine

Artwork By Daniel Hanequand

A Canadian artist named Daniel Hanequand mailed these images to me as samples of his artwork. He thought that they might be usefull to illustrate some future submissions to Aphelion, but since they are rather specialized and detailed I knew I'd have trouble matching them to stories. After a few e-mails passed between Daniel and myself, we came up with the idea to offer these paintings to writers as a sort of challenge to their creativity.

If pressed, I'd have to describe Daniel's work as that of a modern-day Hieronymus Bosch. Daniel's paintings have that same look and feel to them, and their impact is equally intense. I feel that Daniel is an artist to be watched and will undoubtedly make a name for himself in the future.

So here is the challenge: Study the artwork and see if you are creative enough to write a story around one or more of them.

Daniel also provided titles for each painting and a descriptive blurb that could serve as the seed of a story idea. Now, anyone responding to the challenge doesn't have to use Daniel's titles or suggestions. In fact, it may be easier to come up with original concepts to fit each painting. After all, the idea is for you the writer to use your own creativity.

Without further ado, here are the works of Daniel Hanequand. Make of them what you will.

  1. Ghostly Yours,
    The new "Don" of doom who will conquor a new Earth, a new planet to impose his ruthless and machiavelic kingdom upon all who dare to ask a single question...

  2. Praying Mantis
    The story of a fallen man, eaten-up by his soulless wife... She will succeed to be the superior being, to rule another territory- another land of unrest...

  3. Three Souls
    The story of three souls revived from the ashes of doomsday- to relinquish death and conquor the Promised Land...

  4. Trip Out Of Mind
    Shall it be the trip to remember as the ultimate- through our everlasting technological feast...

  5. The Survivors
    They will survive all ordeals! They will contemplate life after... life, and they will travel on- to another journey and rise to another day...

  6. Death (story of a fallen alien)
    The warrior of another spirit, who will fight life upon its own terms. He will, by his own struggle, determine his new faith to come...

  7. Bionic Cat
    One day, the cat's kingdom will roam a new planet and their highly charged sensitivities will outlast and outdo any possibilities of escape...

  8. Roots
    Our roots could be diverted to other realms of thought. Shall this courtship be the one desired to create another ehtereal dimention...

  9. A New Order
    After a long time on Earth, brainwashed by technological diseases- the sons of yesteryear, the zombies, will reappear to rule the planet Zombia. They will dictate a new law, and a new order will emerge...

  10. HE!
    The dinosaurs were the masters of planet Earth, fierce and ruthless- Until HE came...

Artwork, titles, and blurbs Copyright 1997 by Daniel Hanequand

Daniel can be e-mailed at: micarla@netcom.ca

Artwork By Thomas Arensberg

Another artist asked to be included on this page, Thomas Arensberg

  • The Good Fight
    Copyright 1997 by Thomas Arensberg

    Thomas can be e-mailed at: maddjinn@worldnet.att.net Aphelion Letter Column A place for your opinions.

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